One of THOSE days again!!!

So it is THAT day again… ooooph….. I wonder if I am so totally feeling the weight of a quarter-of-a-century-and-then-some on my shoulders because it is indeed so unbearable, or simply because I haven’t properly slept the entire preceding two weeks and am currently awake for my 34th hour in a row… Regardless of that, I’ve made it through yet another year – I guess that’s great enough on its own. Yaaaaay!!!

Since the last October 5th, it has been quite a ride. Life does it – takes you for the rides. In fact, a ride is awaiting at almost every road you walk, and you can always choose if you want to hop on, or if you’d rather take a slow stroll in its stead. As we all have heard a dozen of times before, sometimes the greatest reward of the resulting journey is the final destination. Other times the journey itself. In either case though, no such journey would be the same without the co-travelers. Also known as “special people one encounters in life and shares special moments with”, they are the ones adding the unparalleled dimensions to our existence. What you share is not essential in itself. Something as trivial as a smile from a stranger can leave a life-lasting impression, given the right circumstances. Still, the ultimate richness of our existence on the planet is largely comprised of our interactions with others.

Over the year just passed, I tucked in a few more new lands under my belt, finally began learning a new language, fell in love with yet another dance (lambazouk rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!), entered my senior year at the university, finally started that darn blog, and still failed to follow through a million other plans. I’ve been and seen places, done some things on the go, but none of it would have ever taken place if it was not for other people.

Of course, my parents are the central figures in my universe in many ways, however far apart we live or how rarely we see each other. Yet there are many more out there, most of whom I won’t even know the names of, who won’t even realize their role, but who had made it such a beautiful, eventful, colorful, fun, challenging, self-reflecting and ultimately worthwhile year for me on this planet. This list includes everyone, from the distant person picking up tea leaves for that kick-ass elite Japanese tea I enjoyed every drop of at a friend’s house, to some newly acquired proximate friends, and I’ll do my best to try and thank at least those that I can reach for their contribution to making my life wonderful and multi-dimensional….

This, in turn, gives me a certain kind of hope… Maybe, if I’m lucky, I can sometimes unknowingly be on that list for someone else – the list of people who make their life special, in no matter how small of a way… This could be my own tiny contribution to the ultimate well-being on this planet… And it is up to me if this contribution will only extend as far as people I directly come in contact with, or someone about whose existence I am not ever to know. I am not picking tea leaves someone may enjoy. Actually, I am still rather unsure whether I am ever doing anything of substance and meaning on this planet or just spending my time around here procrastinating in the grand sense of the word… I do try, nevertheless, to try and share things that bring me joy and fulfillment with other in the ways I can.

Maybe by sharing that I may spread those feelings around, too… Maybe this is why I post hundreds of pictured from my trips online for anyone to see… Maybe that is the reason I make some of my numerous random thoughts public in this blog… Maybe it’s just that drive to touch the lives of others in ways that would make them see something inside and around themselves they haven’t noticed before, to explore something new, however vicariously, to feel at least a portion of the joy, or to go at least knee-deep into the depths of thought through the little insignificant bits I share every now and then… Maybe it is only a selfish desire to be of enough significance in this universe as to leave at least some sort of an impact… But maybe it is a contrary movement of the soul, a manner of expressing gratitude to all those strangers and non-strangers for contributing to the amazing, fun, sad, thought-provoking, character-forming, enchanting, beautiful, melancholic, enriching ingredients that make up that crazy salad called “mi vida”, oftentimes without knowing…

This is my day to accept wishes, but I have a wish to give out instead: I wish you all to be that special someone for someone else in this world, whether you know it or not. I wish you to realize that you impact other people’s lives far beyond the scope that you can imagine your influence to ever spread. And thus, I wish you to act with the consciousness of the fact that what and how you do travels beyond borders and time… Maybe then it will make more sense to begin acting in ways towards everything you do that are filled with joy, kindness and love, for it is what you carry inside that you spread beyond the scope you can imagine… Would you rather be the taste-enhancing or harmony-disturbing ingredient in other people’s salads? Whichever one you choose, remember that regardless of whether or not you know whose recipe you’ll end up in, what type of an ingredient to try and be is always, every minute, every day, your and no one else’s conscious choice.

Happy cooking, and let’s put together one hell of a finger-licking-delicious global salad!


About in shade

A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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