Sex with close relatives… Yip, I DARE ponder!

I hope I am already renown for wrecking all imaginable havoc, although usually more so among people who encounter me personally. Something tells me, though, that this one will be a much hotter topic than many others I may touch upon…

I was lucky enough to end up discussing this issue several times, and here is my line of thought. Btw, before you crucify me, try to approach the topic scientifically for a change, see what you think when you don’t allow the pre-conditioned emotional response to take over. So, here we go:

1. The seemingly in-built aversion to the idea of being sexually involved with close relatives, such as siblings, parents, children, aunts, uncles and cousins (aka incest) stems from a biologically pre-programmed mechanism of preventing in-breeding.

As can be empirically seen (and lately scientifically proven and explained), a non-diversified genetic pairing in offspring is more likely to result in anomalies, passing on of inferior traits, diseases, weak characteristics and so forth. This is why most complex organisms seek out the most genetically remote partners for procreation. Actually, one of the reasons why the ruling monarchs in Europe had been generally short-lived and of frail health was exactly the fact that most of them were all as close or closer to one another as cousins.

In short, it makes perfect sense for the mechanism to evolve that would prevent this from happening (i.e. aversion, non-attraction to genetically close people)

2. Now, that being said… If you consider the new developments in the realm of, namely, contraception, which means that the risk of pregnancy from a sexual encounter can be practically brought down to almost none (or take it to the surgical level where the prevention can be permanent and 100% effective), the need to avoid at all costs engaging sexually with one’s close relatives is… gone.

Of course, the “moral” arguments will be thrown at me in a whimsy, but think about it fully objectively for a minute, emotional psychosis aside: fully objectively, from the viewpoint of nature, the only risk of sex among closest relatives is derogatory consequences for potential offspring due to interbreeding, and that’s gone now…

So if Luke Skywalker never learned that Leja was his sister, they could happily ever after live together… They probably could even pull off a healthy baby or two, since they had, as far as I recall, only 1 common parent (do correct me, Star Wars fans, if I’m wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ )…

But even if not and say they knew, they could simply avoid pregnancy by, say, some form of sterilization and live together wonderfully well otherwise…

Who knows maybe in a few generations the ‘sex among relatives’ taboo may slowly wear off just as ‘sex before marriage’ one (the main evolutionary cause for this one is making sure that the offspring that the man will beย providing for by supporting the woman during pregnancy and both of them during first most risky years of child’s lifeย is definitely his) is losing its grip in the developed world every day…

What do you think?

And while you’re thinking – here’s something to consider: more states in the USA allow marriage between first cousins than gay marriage…

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7 Responses to Sex with close relatives… Yip, I DARE ponder!

  1. Jordan says:

    I have to agree with your thoughts, though I am ashamed to say I only commented to say that Luke and Leia were indeed twins. Over all the taboos that are interwoven within the United States need an overhaul, they are counterproductive and promote smallmindedness.

    • in shade says:

      Haha I knew I’d be off on that one – I frankly don’t remember much at all about the family their except “I am your father” bit :D. Thanx for pointing out! True then in that case it’d be quite risky for them to have babies… Then again – they could marry and adopt someone hmmm…

      I was already banned off of one of my friends’ walls just for posting the question, even though as the diagram shows 1st cousin marriages are common in the USA… I’m not even mentioning small island or otherwise isolated communities with little turn-over of people, Mormonic families and such… Another friend told me she recalled in the sociology class they were told about one of the tribes in Africa where the custom was for the father to take the daughter’s virginity on her wedding day before she was given to her husband… All those different things are in a sense out there as it is, yet people can’t dissociate themselves from “me no like” mode of thinking and just critically address some ideas…

  2. Petr says:

    Incest it against God’s will, you must be stoned! Ehh, all right. I’ll have two with points, ah, two big flat ones, and a packet of gravel ๐Ÿ˜€
    I agree the law seems a bit outdated when it comes to sex between relatives. It should outlaw the pregnancy with relatives; not having sex with ones. I personally find the idea of incest very repulsive. But still, as Plato wrote: “justice is when everyone minds his own business, and refrains from meddling in others’ affairs”.

  3. Petr says:

    As for “no sex before marriage” I think the primary reason is different. Men must secure the women (i.e. marry her) for the time of pregnancy and child rising before any sexual activity takes place. That prevents both mother (which has significantly reduced ability to acquire required resources when pregnant or later rising the child) and her child from starving to death.
    Of course making sure the man invests resources in his own offspring may also play certain role. But marrying a virgin doesn’t give you any guarantee of paternity. It only says “she’s virgin, therefore not pregnant at the moment”. Whether the next morning she participates in sexual intercourse with neighbor of yours – that’s an entirely different question ๐Ÿ˜€

    • in shade says:

      True true but at least she’s not pregnant for sure by someone else at the time the man marries her :):):). Guess it’s both – we need more evolutionary behavior biologists here! Where are you guys?

  4. Adrian N says:

    Well I come from very very small family. Mother was an only child. So now provided I wrap up my little man I can put it up my Cousin Andrews bum.

    • in shade says:

      Theoretically, you just as well can. After all, see first-cousin marriage pattern for the USA… Doesn’t mean you ought to though ๐Ÿ™‚

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