Rot in prison!

Dealing with punishment for antisocial behavior* is a challenge faced by all of the societies, but are we going about it in the right way? Is throwing a bunch of wide-range-offense perpetrators into one crowded place doing the job well?

Punishment is supposed to serve three main purposes:

1. A deterrent for potential misconduct via the established precedent

2. A tool for isolating the society from the treats posed to it by the perpetrators

3. A form of correcting the perpetrators’ behavior for the benefit of the entire society

While some people keep advocating “tougher on crime” approach, it may just be the wrong approach… By de-humanizing people in prisons, all that we achieve is a cycle of continuous evil-doing, on repeat perpetually – NOT a net benefit to anyone involved.

An eye for an eye just doesn’t cut it. People come out of prisons broken – they have wasted their time picking up on all the tactics of law-bending they never knew of, while none of the skills needed to assure survival after leaving prison without committing further crimes… At the same time, gigantic amounts of money go to maintaining prisons in operation… All that cash would be much better spent on other pressing issues!!!

On the contrary, it seems that a different approach could serve everyone’s interests – from taxpayers’ to prisoners to the society as a whole: the approach that goes against our vengeful gut instincts to make whoever did wrong suffer for it because they ‘deserved it’… Maybe a system that has rehabilitation in-built into it instead of vengeance could yield a by far better result?

Norway’s controversial prison may be THE way to go

What type of a prison would YOU lobby for – the type that only breeds more poverty and crime, abuse and cruelty, or the type that eradicates it all?..

*Note: many people confuse the terms ‘asocial’ and ‘antisocial’. Asocial behavior is what majority of you think you are saying when you are using the word antisocial. So just to clarify the difference: asocial behavior means such that an individual withdraws from social interactions, is inadequate in social settings. Antisocial behavior means deliberately acting against the rules, norms and laws established by the society. To never forget which one means what, think of it in terms of the prefix: prefix ‘a-‘ in Latin implies ‘WITHOUT something’. Prefix ‘anti-‘ implies ‘AGAINST something’. 


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