Murderer can walk free… And it’s somehow perfectly ‘reasonable’, too.

ARE you flipping kidding me??!!!

In case you live on a different planet and haven’t heard the news, here is the gist of it:

On top of me being more incredibly mad than I can recall myself being in a very, VERY long time, this to me is plain surreal on so many levels… I don’t understand how this could happen. I just don’t. This is like a scenario from a crap movie where ‘reality’ of the film is bizarre but viewers accept it because, after all, it is a film. Except this is REAL life, and a REAL kid who is brutally slaughtered, while a REAL monster gets to walk free… WHAT?!!

This is absurd. The situation like this just should not have happened altogether. Even if the murderer for some sort of a retarded racist reason ‘suspected’ Trayvon of anything – he called 911 and was told to STAY THE FUCK AWAY. Which he well should have done. And THAT is where the story should have ended for him. But no. NOOOOOOO. He just HAD to disobey the order. Just out of curiosity: what flipping nutjob who feels ‘threatened’ by someone in their neighborhood makes sure he stays close enough to the source of that ‘threat’ for such a very long time? Mr. murderer: if, as you dare to shamelessly claim, you felt ‘threatened’ somehow, then WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU RUN THE OTHER WAY AND HIDE YOUR SORRY ASS after alerting the police of your ‘suspect’?!!??!!!

Or maybe it was because you felt that you were carrying out your ‘duties’ of the ‘neighborhood watch commander’? Except you were NOT affiliated with the neighborhood watch program to begin with, as it turns out. Then why?

I’ll tell you why: because you are a troubled, sociopath racist cunt, who was feeling all macho and trigger-happy, and just like sometimes little children brutally torture and kill cats or other animals ‘for fun’, went ahead and pulled the gun at a kid – because you simply thought you fucking CAN. You then ENJOYED tremendously the rushing sense of power, superiority and significance that Trayvon’s screams and pleading for help gave you. Then you, you filthy fucking swine, have taken a deep breath and probably nearly jizzed in your pants with excitement as you had your “I am GOD” moment – when you pulled the trigger on your unlawfully held gun (for which you didn’t have a license) and ended a life of a young, completely innocent boy, whose little brother was expecting him back home soon with some sweets…

You, Mr. “I-can-shoot-a-teenage-boy-walking-home-just-because-he’s-black-and-I’m white-and-I-have-a-gun-and-I-can-claim-‘self-defense’-and-get-away-with-it” deserve a life sentence in prison and NOTHING less. I sincerely hope that you endure a lot of unwarranted butt sex behind the bars. I also hope you have several FAILED suicide attempts while there and get some non-treatable disease on top of that with which you’d be able to live a long time but in agonizing pain.

I’m not a sadist at all – but THAT fucker fully deserves it. FULLY. And if for some miraculous reason he does NOT get life sentence – I hope SOMEONE shows him what justice is the same way he showed Trayvon what mercy was. A good solid till-he-chokes-blood beating that would leave him alive but crippled would do by me. Screw pacifism.

Even worse? That the monster was LET GO to begin with!!! What a fuck is THAT? ‎”Justice system” my ass…

Whoever let this fucking sociopath walk must be fired and tried, right after he gets a life sentence for premeditated murder of highest degree of cruelty. If that doesn’t happen – then good luck, America, on your way down. You once were a great nation – and now are a strong bully flexing muscle up in everyone’s face but earning less and less respect beyond mere fear, accumulating more and more to be seriously ashamed of…

You are so proud – so proud to be the “greatest nation under god”… Well if THAT is your standard, America – maybe out of all the theocracies of the world you are, indeed, doing better than most, but guess the fuck what? You could probably learn from some greatest nations under NO gods, where shit like this just DOES.NOT.HAPPEN.

But this isn’t just an American problem (although, we must admit, it is sadly a very TYPICALLY American set of circumstances…). It is our collective failure as a society that shit like this can even conceivably happen. Not even the murder itself – all murder and crime will never be prevented, unless all human emotions and mental disorders that sometimes lead to criminal conduct somehow seize to be. The fact that after committing this atrocious act under these gruesome circumstances the cold-blooded murderer was let go… This makes me want to scratch my eyes out and scream and howl and stop the fucking planet and get off – I can’t humanly conceive of my home being host to such scenario!

It makes me also ashamed to the bone. Ashamed of the human race. Of our collective failure. We human beings are stupid, myopic arrogant monkeys too full of ourselves to even use a FRACTION of our brain potential for any significant good – best fucking testimony to the absolute and definite NON-intelligent “design” of this whole fucking place and universe, if you ask me… A bunch of apes behaving worse than actual monkeys in the woods (at least rivaling monkeys allow the defeated males to simply leave in shame and don’t feel the urge to kill them off just for the sadistic ‘fun’ of it, on top of the defeat…) and thinking we’re all that… Way to fucking GO, human race – we’ve done a tremendously great job at just about everything we laid our hands on. NOT…

People of America, if you ever want to claim the former greatness of your nation – wake the hell up. Make sure this monster AND all those who let him walk in the first place are locked up. If you don’t – it’s just another punch to roll with and before you know it everything you ever came to be proud of as an American will disappear in front of your eyes as a mirage in a desert. A lot of it already did. Just, please, don’t let it get any worse than that. Please.


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