Gods’ PR agents – why do they suck?

It’s very often the case that people on ‘team god’ (regardless of which god it happens to be) who are the most zealous, outspoken and ‘thy shalt definitely follow my god, why can’t you understand that?!?!?!’-like are also the same exact ones who happen to be grossly uninformed and misinformed about… how to put it mildly?.. reality, the rest of the world and knowledge/information in it…

One recent online chat reminded me of this trend yet again. I was conversing with a lady who denies evolution as an outright lie, while at the same time exhibiting not a single sign of knowing anything about evolution besides the word itself – a trait very common among believers… So it got me thinking about two separate issues. One issue has to deal with walking the talk, and the other issue has to deal with how piss-poor gods’ PR agencies are… Here’s to the first one:

I don’t care what reasons anyone has to dislike or to deny evolution and scientific process – all people who do that are, to a significant extent, idiots and hypocrites. Especially those from the more prosperous societies. They go around doing the lip-service of bashing the very same things that keep them ALIVE, well and prosperous, comfortable, safe and able to live, love and laugh (instead of barely surviving under continuous hardships and dangers, with no comforts, fun, human rights and with a terribly short lifespan… Although people in poor conditions are often even more pro-gods, which is simple to explain from the point of view of psychological processes, but still seems even sillier than if they were in better conditions… I mean, why praise an asshole who threw you into a torture chamber? But anyway…)…

It is as fucking stupid and hypocritical to bash evolution/science as hating food for the fact that it exists – while eating it every day in order to survive and live a long, healthy life.  Every single damned day of their lives they are shamelessly reaping benefits of all that stuff that they are losing their voices over trying to scorn and ‘disprove’ (with a rather typical for their kind level of not-having-a-freaking-clue-ness about anything they say). Never mind that the entire world lives and progresses exclusively thanks to our scientific advancements and understanding of evolutionary processes… Anyone who, for whatever reason, bashes science or evolution deserves zero respect – for those exact reasons.

You know who does deserve some respect? The Amish. And anyone else who shuns anything ‘modern’. These folks (especially the hardcore ones) say that science and all that jazz is of the devil, and they DO NOT USE most of it! Now THAT is what ‘walking the talk’ is. They disagree with something, and they avoid using its products, including medicine. It’s insane, of course: even the simplest tools that they use in their daily lives, even the most basic foods and animals – ALL of those are, in turn, a product of thousands of years of adaptations that made them suitable for eating/keeping as domestic for the specific needs. Nevertheless, at the very least they try very hard to avoid what they claim is wrong, bad and untrue. So kudos to them – however wrong they are, they match their words and deeds to the best of their abilities.

But here’s to the bigger question: why the hell most gods’ spokes people are so uninformed, misinformed, annoying, unable to answer a single question, and generally pitiable and laughable?

Imagine you have a huge multinational corporation that offers very serious services. Let’s say it’s a huge insurance company. You have local and central PR departments within your company to maintain the much needed publicity of credibility and trustworthiness – because if people won’t believe you, or if what they hear would sound strange or shady, it wouldn’t matter how excellent your services are in reality: no one would ever want to be your client. So you, as a wise top manager of that all, obviously hire the most able, well-spoken, educated and credible experts to be on your PR team. Right?

Wrong. The greatest ‘insurance company’ on earth seems to hire the most uneducated, confused, emotionally unstable, void of critical thinking village idiots 99% of the time… I don’t know what the manager’s intentions are, but it seems to be that the main requirements for the job in their PR departments are the following: ‘unable to properly articulate and, as a special bonus, spell; incapable of presenting relevant evidence to support claims; hell-bent on denying self-evident things that the whole world operates on (like evolution/scientific process, etc) while using their products daily; acting highly emotional and offended any time anyone asks questions or presents solid evidence contrary to their claims; in any case of coming across anything counter to what they think, covering ears, closing eyes and screaming ‘lalalalalalala I can’t hear what you’re saying, I don’t wanna hear it, I won’t think about it, and you’re wrong anyway!!!!’ like a five year old’. That ‘insurance company’ with such a ‘grand’ PR department is, collectively, all religious groups, institutions and beliefs.

Now, maybe I’m wrong and there is something that I’m missing in the picture, but here’s my line of reasoning: If I were god (the all-powerful entity, no less) and wished to actually have some mortals accurately convey some of my thoughts to the rest of the mortals, I’d go about it in a completely different manner. First of all, I’d make sure all the relevant literature (if any) was clear-cut, well-written, exceptionally substantiated, demonstrable and accurate in all times, not vague, not open to a million interpretations but as solid as a math book. I’d also make sure that I don’t have any idiots responsible for propagating my views – I’d instead vest that knowledge and function into the hands of well-educated, well-spoken, well-respected individuals who would be able to carefully and correctly explain all of the points. I’d also make sure none of it contradicts that pesky little thing called REALITY. Namely, the physical world, the evolutionary processes, the cosmological processes, the laws of physics and the rest of them silly little things that are, not sure how to break it down to some people, but let me try; REAL and TRUE. Only then could I be sure my message is conveyed in the best possible manner and relax.

Some people would jump in with “oh but the god leaves people free will, so the god’s information can’t be so accurate – then people would have no choice but believe it!”. Ehm… no. Majority of people may be persuaded, indeed, by a solid line of evidence and reasoning, but there will be enough people who’d do the exact same thing many believers do when it comes to stuff THEY don’t like: close their ears and eyes… There is very little in this world as well substantiated, as solidly proven and as demonstrably accurate as evolution, yet there are people out there who manage to deny it. If they have enough free will to deny evolution, I’m sure enough humans to keep hell in business would be just as capable of denying any well-presented word of any god/s. Evidence and articulation don’t impede on the ‘free will’ to be damn wrong.

Therefore, if I were god, I’d take proper care of my message and messengers and their image. Unless I do that, I’d be no worse or better than any other toothfairy of any brand because every existing deity has just the same piss-poor PR agents and same piss-poor advertisement as to why THAT deity must be believed over all of the rest. Majority of the most popular celestial ‘insurance agencies’ are so badly vested in reality they have exactly nothing to support their claims. Usually, once you take away a single fan-fiction, hear-say-at-best-based work of piss-poor written ancient mythological literature from them, they go out in a poof of smoke and mirrors.

So long as the vast majority of PR people for the vast majority of gods insist on the silly, the untrue and the inaccurate, I think it is safe to assume there is no all-knowing authority behind them and they should be listened to with the same degree of reverence and respect as a 5-year old kid telling you about the Narnia they found in the closet. It’s cute and adorable and it’s good that the kid’s imagination functions well, but it is classified as mental illness if the kid never grows out of sincerely believing in that Narnia and making life choices fully based on that belief.

Yet gods’ PR people take pride in their arrogance and ignorance – no less! Maybe their dismissive attitude towards any information offered to them that may bring them back to the actual reality from the la-la land shows one thing and one only: they are SCARED TO DEATH. They are SO frightened that the fragile, leaking at all ends model of their worldview can be shifted or destroyed when someone demands them to show how that model actually fits REALITY (and it doesn’t), that they shut off, in a thoroughly intellectually dishonest manner, ANYTHING that anyone presents them. They are so UNCERTAIN in their faith that they simply can’t bear to test it. They would rather lie – to themselves and others – than lose their la-la land of Narnia. They honestly and strongly WISH that what they thought was true, but deep inside they KNOW it’s a pile of bullshit. That’s why they meet every smallest request at assessing opposing to their view information as a threat and hide from it behind a pile of make-belief. 

IF they knew for certain, on the other hand, that what they think was true, they’d be HAPPY to thoroughly study EVERY piece of counter-argument presented to them. Because then they could easily come back with a solid set of evidence and counter-arguments, possibly gaining a few more people into their deity’s fan club along the way. But they don’t. And if even the gods’ own spokespeople are so damned uncertain about what they claim – why should any of us believe them? We shouldn’t. And many of us, thankfully, don’t.

Here is one example of how a specific brand of god people doesn’t REALLY believe what it claims to believe, well illustrated (as always) by DarkMatter2525:

I pity such PR agents. I pity how much energy, time and mental potential that could be used to truly good causes they waste on trying to convince everyone else of something they are themselves completely unconvinced of. I pity any gods, if they were to exist, who manage to have such unconvinced followers – these are bad gods, terrible in PR. To have followers like that is a DISSERVICE to any ‘word’ of any ‘god’ that they are so eager to insist upon everyone adopting. Because by denying FACTS, by throwing childish tantrums of “No, I DO have faith in Santa!!! Because I WANT to!!!” they’re making themselves and their dogmas look nothing but ridiculous.

If what they had to offer had ANY credibility, it would not need people like that, who dismiss counter-arguments without bothering to assess them and who deny reality (and thus sound, pardon me for the harsh truth, fucking stupid. By the way, anyone who has anything to say about evolution not being true is nothing but fucking stupid). What type of a stupid god would want stupid people to speak in its name? By being dismissive, willingly ignorant and willingly stupid about reality they make a laughing stock of the gods they speak for.

Plus they don’t even understand how to present a valid, solid piece of evidence for their claims to anyone because, lo and behold, they can’t tell the actual difference between a wishful-thinking based opinion (however strongly held) and actual demonstrable evidence for something, or why some things are more believable than others (exhibit A below):

Although you know what? It’s good. It’s good most religious/believing people are terribly uninformed and make a laughing stock of themselves 5 times per sentence. If they were any smarter, it would be more difficult to expose their lies. If they were more articulate and informed, it would at least make it seem more plausible that a god (granted one existed) would, indeed, have such intelligent messengers.

So here’s to all the god-fans out there: please stay ignorant. Keep refusing evolution all you wish. Ignore any facts or knowledge. Keep sounding as tragically misguided as you sound so far. It makes the job of laughing our assess off at your fairy tales so much easier. Go ahead do the terrible advertisement job for your selected celestial sadistic dictators. It is guaranteed to keep most intelligent and capable of critical thinking people as far away from it as one should stay from poison that it is. Thank you.


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