ONLY good without god/s: why if you are a believer you are terribly immoral.

I’ll keep this one very short.

You are watching a terrible scene – someone is torturing an innocent little child (I know, I know, it’s a terrible cliché alongside with being a terrible scene, but bear with me) for absolutely no reason at all – simply for their own ‘fun’. There is another person watching that scene, not taking part in it but cheering loudly and gleefully for it to go on. If you are a normal, not mentally ill, morally sound human being, seeing such torture scene will make you sick to your core. Hopefully, you would do anything in your power to stop what is going on. You would also likely label the one doing torturing a string of unfavorable epithets including ‘monster’ and demand justice be served through administering appropriate punishment to the perpetrator. Very similar sentiments would apply to the ‘cheerleader’ on the side.

Would it be fair to assume that, if it is a given that the victim is innocent and the torture took place only for the fun of the perpetrator and the ‘cheerleader’, there cannot possibly be any justification for such a horrendous thing to occur? Again, if you are a normal, morally sound human being, everything in your nature will scream “but OF COURSE there can’t be ANY damned thing to EVER justify something terrible like this, DUH!” Would it also be safe to assume that you would readily label anyone who disagrees with that sentiment and anyone who would as much as dare to open their mouth to try and come up with some excuse for such behavior an immoral monster? And again, if you are a morally sound, sane individual – you would.


For those who fail to draw the analogy: you have, in the image of any god/s, the ultimate perpetrator/s (by the virtue of creating everything the way it is) of every single vile thing and act and process in the universe – the ultimate monster/s most deserving of hell, if one existed. You have, in the role of gleeful cheerleader, any given believer and/or worshiper of such a monster (and, weirdly, also the same god/s, as it/they are watching terrible things it/they caused unfold without intervention).

If YOU are a believer, you ARE IMMORAL to a cosmic proportion by the virtue of rooting for any god/s. It is ONLY possible to be a fully moral person when any degree of reverence, obedience or worship for your god/s is eradicated completely. You can still play with an idea of existence of god/s all you want. However, for as long as you have any respect, regard or desire to listen to, follow or praise any architect of the universe – for all that time a huge part of you will remain grossly immoral by definition and there will be blood and pain of all of the dead and suffering creatures on this planet partially on your hands. Because you will have to be engaged in justifying the endless list of everything that is ultimately wrong, absolutely immoral and utterly unjustifiable. Think about it.

Happy cheerleading.


About in shade

A cocktail of personality traits hard to digest for some but ultimately soothing for those who can. I observe, enjoy, travel, interact, photograph, dance, contemplate, write and love my way through this life's countless occurrences. This blog is a way to share with the world and its people some of the treasures they give me every day.
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4 Responses to ONLY good without god/s: why if you are a believer you are terribly immoral.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Human beings are created with a free will and so cruelty for fun and without sense is invented by these creatures. Also if you believe in a deity that is watching as ” cheerleader” and doing nothing to prevent cruelty in this world, you must believe in a way that there is something like a God !

    • in shade says:

      I’ll take it in bits and pieces:

      1) “Human beings are created” – no. Human beings have evolved. No one created us.

      2) “Free will” – probably actually not. Most likely there is no such thing as free will at all. Everything we do and think is determined by a lot of things, from the laws of physics to the external environmental influences. Our brain makes a decision one way or another way BEFORE we even become aware that we are actually making any decision at all.

      What we have instead of the free will is an illusion of free will and somewhat of a veto power over our own decisions. After the brain makes a decision for us, we become aware of it and once we become aware of what that decision is, we can then either act upon it or not.

      3) “If you believe…” I don’t. Please re-read the post.

      • Josephine says:

        “I’ll take it in bits and pieces”
        1) that is your belief, but not of 46% of the U.S.
        2) what makes you think that? did you not chose to write this post? yes, we are combinations of nature and nurture but we still are sentient beings. whom makes theses choices for us? this is also a belief
        3) no comment

        • in shade says:

          1. Beliefs and popularity of such have exactly ZERO bearing on objective REALITY. Back in the days when majority of human population believed the earth was flat, the earth didn’t magically flatten to suit their ignorance. It remained roughly spherical and it were the humans who eventually caught on to their mistake and aligned their beliefs with updated evidence of the spherical earth. In short: argumentum ad populum is a logical fallacy.

          2. Evidence and scientific consensus make me think this way. You see, whether or not I like some idea or believe it changes nothing at all. The way things are is the way things are.
          All currently available evidence points to what I had said. In that sense I didn’t choose to write this piece – my brain did, then it notified me of its decision, and I went along with it. You won’t notice the lag because it’s orders of magnitude below milliseconds, but the scientific consensus is that ‘free will’ is a comfortable illusion created by the brain.

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